Friday, October 12, 2012

This is What Baffles Me about Democrat Feminists

I have a wife and two daughters and I have learned from them that women are downtrodden by men.  Mostly white, middle aged men.  I reject the argument but not in its totality.  Not all white guys, but definitely this white guy.

Joe Biden is a blowhard and was a cackling, rude boor in his debate with Paul Ryan. But what struck me without prompting from my personal slate of lefty feminists was how he was particularly rude to Martha Raddatz.  A very good journalist and a woman who has spent far more time in flak jacket at various war fronts than Biden.  His churlish and frankly misogynistic behavior was noticed by many conservative women.

Tonight, Joe Biden is embodying everything that women hate about talking with men.
He was like a drunk uncle at Thanksgiving dinner that was lecturing his 16 year old niece.  I'm sure he had to do all he could to keep from calling her "sweetie".  As I read the blog post linked here by Mollie Hemingway, Ed. I actually felt I learned a great deal about how women feel around a certain type of male.

Where for godsakes are the liberal feminists on this guy?  Is it just another John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Al Gore let the boys be chauvinist just as long as they tell us that they are on our side on abortion, situation?  It appears to be.

Frankly it smacks of a very, very hypocritical tradeoff that is frankly, creepy.