Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Silent Victory for the US Military

Over 4,000 US military men and women died fighting for freedom for Iraqis. They did not die in vain.

Saddam Hussein was responsible for nearly 40,000 deaths per year over a 25 year span. Some say he killed nearly a million of his own people (not to mention how many Iranians and Kuwaitis died in his territorial wars during that time).

The deaths in Iraq are now equivalent to the same numbers of murders in NY and Chicago each month. An incredible change and a savings of a tremendous number of lives. Not to mention that a free democracy now exists in the Middle East.

War for oil? Not a single US company has won the bids for oil contracts since they started 2 years ago.

Please read this post at Gateway Pundit. The Marines of Anbar Province are coming home from Iraq victorious and I'm betting the SNM - Stonewall News Media has no intention of covering it.

The pictures of the kids alone are well worth the look.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Supreme Court needs a do over on Campaign Finance

Horrific, horrific decision by the SCOTUS on restoring corporate finance of political ads. Slippery slope you say? Freedom of speech you say? BS. If it is truly about "free" speech then why is the result billions in spending?

If individuals can only give $500 towards a candidate then let Procter and Gamble, the IBEW or the Sierra Club spend the same on their advertising. $500. That's it. Spend it wisely.

We need to get on board with this now and legislate an override or detour of this decision. Otherwise, it becomes who can spend the most to destroy a candidate who doesn't toe the line.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hell has frozen over

Pigs are flying everywhere.

A Republican has won a Senate race in Massachusetts - and not just any seat but the seat of the most liberal Senator in the most liberal state. Impossible. Unbelievable. And amazingly heartening for the future of our republic.

Now Barack, Harry and Nancy the ball is in your court. You've abused your one party rule in the most overtly arrogant ways. Wake up now or feel a political tsunami this November like has never been seen before.

Justice is served. And this is just the beginning.

Monday, January 18, 2010

An enormity of meaning

The shockwaves resulting from a Republican win in Massachusetts for a US Senate seat that was last held by Ted Kennedy are being greatly UNDERstated. Yup I said understated.

Living here in Massachusetts it is much easier to be cognizant of this.

I have lived here for 38 years. I am a registered Democrat primarily because I know that the only value a primary vote would have for me here is to help elect the lesser of any Democrats running for an elected seat. Can you imagine that? The Democrats are always guaranteed a win except for a few exceptions in the case of the governor.

We have 10 members of the US House of Representatives. They are all Democrats. We have 2 US Senators. They are both Democrats. The Attorney General is a Democrat. The Secretary of State is a Democrat. Get this - the state legislature - Senators and Representatives - of which there are over 200, are 94% Democrat.

And again, this was Ted Kennedy's seat. The avowed single most liberal member of the Senate!

There are 3 times the number of registered Democrats as Republicans. A 37 to 12 advantage.

The national margin for Obama over McCain was 7%. In Massachusetts 26%.

You think a win by Brown won't be an absolute shocker? 10 Democrat Congressmen and women will be running for election this year. They NEVER have legitimate competition from Republicans.

My guess is this year that is going to change. Big time.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Obama in full panic mode

Why else would he, on the eve of his visit to stump for Coakley, decide it's time to give labor unions a break from the Cadillac tax on health plans? Because he knows that Massachusetts is all about labor and tossing this mega-bone just before the weekend will stop the bleeding of deteriorating support from unions.

I say the union top brass may have negotiated this but the rank and file will see through and still vote for Scott Brown.

This ploy of selective payouts to Big Pharma, various US Senators and now the unions is the kind of discrimination that will kill the already near death public support.

Who's running the White House, Machiavelli?

Friday, January 15, 2010

His bags probably fly free

President Obama is rumored to be making a visit to Boston this Sunday in support of Democrat Senate candidate Martha Coakley. Though it will be a quick plane trip President Obama will be carrying a lot of baggage with him.

Bag number 1:
Obama recently visited Virginia gubernatorial candidate Democrat Creigh Deeds before his November election bid.
Creigh Deeds lost

Bag number 2:
He strongly supported and often visited Democrat Governor John Corzine of New Jersey.
John Corzine lost

Bag number 3:
The city of Chicago was in line for the 2016 Olympics - most thought they were a shoe-in; President Obama and First Lady Michelle visited Europe to seal the deal on the eve of voting.
Chicago lost - Big

Obama's favorability rating has dropped from 72% in February to 47% now. Are you sure you want Obama to show up, Martha?

And who will escort the President from the airport? The Massachusetts State Police have already endorsed Scott Brown and I doubt that the "stupid"(BO's words) Cambridge police are likely able to find their way to Logan.

Democrats scrambling for a Sinking Ship Spin

There has been a sea change in the way Democrat pundits and Stonewall News Media reporters and writers are spinning the Senate race in Massachusetts. The polls are shifting towards the Republican and no amount of blaming the pollsters is going to change the results.

The new spin is that Coakley is a weak candidate who ran a weak campaign. She deserves to lose. Uh -huh. How could she not beat a Republican. In Massachusetts. When the candidate is stupid.
(this last quip suggested by the brilliant Boston Globe columnist Brian McGrory with the over used "you won't find him up late at night at Mensa meetings" joke).

Note: Two columns into your "new" career at the Globe and the tired old saws are already back?

From Jonah Goldberg at NRO:

The Democrats’ “bad climate” is a direct result of how they’ve governed. The populist backlash is fueled by a sense that Democrats are acting on their preferred agenda and by their own rules. From the shenanigans of the people who write our tax code and collect our taxes to special deals and secret arrangements for big businesses and legislators who play ball, the Democrats have abandoned transparency in favor of transparent arrogance.

Dems don't want anyone (particularly Dems) to believe the good ship Demcrat Majority is going down from anything other than the dumb luck of presenting a feeble candidate.

Coronation Interruptus

Cigars, a little cognac and some lovely mahogany private function rooms at Boston's best hotels. This is how the fat cat Massachusetts democrats have envisioned the evening of January 19th. The night of the coronation of Martha Coakley as US Senator from Massachusetts. Things would be over quickly, the early returns assuring a 30 point win for Martha and a humiliating defeat to yet another Quixotic Republican. Plenty of jokes about his stupid pick-up truck ads and insults about his daughter's failed attempt on American Idol. In the labor union halls the beer is swilled as the paid sign holders for Coakley revel in their defeat of yet another fiscal buzz killer. An argument or two might break out when someone suggests that they just voted to have their Cadillac health care plans taxed. Things quiet down when they nervously agree that "that'll never happen".

The bluest state in America. Ten Congressmen - Ten Democrats. Two Senators - Two Democrats. One Governor - One Democrat. A state legislature that is 94% Democrat. The only state to vote for McGovern. Nuclear free zone Cambridge, also referred to proudly as "the Peoples Republic of Cambridge". In Massachusetts you vote Democrat or you keep your mouth shut if you don't. When things get done in Massachusetts it is the will of Democrats only. No Republican input.

The result: near the top in all taxes, near the top in the misery index. Corruption that has several state reps, senators in jail or heading there. When an electorate passed a referendum to lower the income tax the Democrat government broke constitutional law and refused to lower the tax. Recently the sales tax was increased by 25% in a dead of the night vote. It's when the Democrats do their best work. Just ask Pelosi and Reid on the federal level.

But lately Coakley's challenger has shown some staying power and in 2 polls Scott Brown holds a lead. It is now perceived as a statistical dead heat. Could people in Massachusetts be waking up? Have they finally had enough?

It's a David vs. Goliath story with tens of millions of dollars from out-of-state Democrat organizations pouring in this week to flood the airways with negative ads. The Democrats are running scared and the Obama administration must be feeling just a little Marie Antoinette-like.

Revolution is coming and heads are going to roll.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Help Haiti

The devastation is apocalyptic. Death toll rising, injured and hungry need our help.

Donation sites.

I think Martha's dog will be pacing the floor next Tuesday

This remarkable video shows a dog bolting a building seconds before any indication of an earthquake. It is fascinating.

Stop by your favorite Coakley supporter's house next Tuesday and see what the dog is doing. You may not have to stay up for the final returns.

Coakley says the "terrorists aren't in Afghanistan"

Now we know why she thinks there are no terrorists in Afghanistan - she's hired them all for her campaign! This photo shows one of her thugs after a reporter from the Weekly Standard claimed he was shoved to the ground because he was asking too many probing questions about her connection to Big Healthcare donors. Here's a video of the continued harassment the reporter got as he walked down a public street.

Open and honest government - coming right up!

Re - pub - li - can. Ick.

Today's radio ad for Martha Coakley is absolute hilarity. I thought it was a parody. It wasn't.

A male and female narrator trade lines for 30 seconds saying little more than "Re-pub-li-can....Scott Brown...Re-pub-li-can". The voices drip with vitriol and disgust as if to suggest Republican = the black plague. I can see the recording studio session as the ad agency hacks directed the talent..

"Come on...more hatred, more revulsion..think sewage, think Hannibal Lechter.."

This is supposed to bring out the base. I suppose it will, but I can't help but believe it will serve to galvanize the Republicans and the Independents who are clearly paying attention to this race.

Desperate lefties are a very funny lot. I'm having trouble wiping the smile off my face.

What can Brown do for you?

The Massachusetts Senate race is down to the wire and to paraphrase Bill Parcells; it's likely that Democrats are "throwing up in their mouths" a bit. Out of nowhere, Scott Brown - Massachusetts state rep, is threatening to upset the apple cart and send liberals scrambling locally and nationally for a place to hide.

Last month the SEIU-supported radio ads for Coakley were so arrogant as to suggest "next Tuesday Massachusetts will elect its next US Senator" This was the primary. Democrats believed that the actual coronation was last month during the primary. After all they hold a 3 to 1 advantage in voter registration and live in the only state that voted for George McGovern.

The thought this fall that electing a Republican to fill the deceased "liberal lion of the Senate" Ted Kennedy's seat was as likely as global warming science being a hoax.

Oops and oops.

Brown is still trailing in close polls and may not win this seat, but the tremors that the closeness of this race are sending out are reverberating throughout this country and will have a clear and obvious impact on the 2010 election year for Democrats.