Thursday, February 4, 2010

Government Motors' slippery slope

When Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told people to "stop driving Toyotas" he took the first step down the very slippery slope many people worried about when Obama took over General Motors and Chrysler.

For certain the gas pedal, and now brake pedal flaws in Toyotas represent a potentially dangerous situation for owners of various brands of the cars. But LaHood, NPR and the Stonewall News Media are jumping on Toyota's neck with both jackboots.

Am I suggesting a concerted effort here by Obama supporters because they see a chance for the Government owned car companies to benefit from Toyota's misfortunes? Er, uh, no - of course not.

Maybe just a little case of schadenfreude, perhaps?

Oddly Ford, the US company that is not owned by US taxpayers has been going gangbusters and exceeding all expectations. They make very good cars and have gained a good deal of their support from buyers who like the idea that they aren't supported by American taxpayers hard earned dollars (well okay, Chinese dollars, in reality).

Japan is watching closely how Obama handles this and will have plenty to say after this incident is over. Expect the introduction of a new tariff on American imports to Japan if LaHood and the heavies continue their protectionist ways.

As for Ford, don't have any kind of safety slip-up or the Gummint will get ya.

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