Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gingrich Rising

Since his Lincoln-Douglas style debate over the weekend Newt Gingrich has gained serious momentum in the Republican presidential primary battle.  He leads in the latest Iowa caucus polls.  Once considered an also ran and often overlooked as a guy too wonky to appeal to the average Republican Joe, Gingrich is recreating his brand to be more concise, still intelligent, yet understandable.  It will continue to serve him well. Depending on how Herman Cain survives the latest MSM onslaught about the sexual harassment charges,  Gingrich's fortunes could be boosted sooner rather than later.

Voters in the general election will want someone ready to tackle the deficit, the unemployment mess and to keep an eye on Iran.  Gingrich is clearly superior to Romney in perceived foreign policy knowledge (it's all about perception after all) and Romney holds the cards with respect to the economy.  Neither are slouches when it comes to either issue, however and this will keep both of them near the front of the pack.

Indeed, a new sensation for Gingrich.

But with the new "flavor of the day" title, Gingrich must gird his loins for the Legacy Media onslaught.  Newt has a few skeletons and the Journolisters are busily planning their coordinated attack.

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