Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm Back and Here's Why

Haven't posted since last fall before the election. Was sure that when the truth about the Obama administration's total lack of concern for our ambassador to Libya and the others who were killed was revealed there simply could not be a second term for Barack Obama. Then Candy Crowley made it all too obvious in her debate moderation of the presidential debate that the gloves were off and the main stream media was prepared to lie, cheat and steal to cover for the Obama administration's failings. She took charge of the debate and buried any effort Romney would make to have Obama take responsibility for the deaths and the pathetic aftermath. She lied as the debate moderator (!) to save the Democrats.

Obama won, voting corruption has since been revealed in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and the Benghazi fiasco, the IRS fiasco, the AP and Fox reporters monitored by the Department of Justice, and on and on have come to light.  I have felt that perhaps with the attack on journalism and the 1st amendment, even the journalists who have been made the tools of the administration would finally wake up and smell the coffee.  There is some indication that that is happening...slowly.

But what has made me sit up and take notice?  Today's events are simply the last straw. Clearly Obama has put the word out...."say not one word about the IRS or other investigations on the network nightly news of CBS, NBC and ABC. " Today, to the astonishment of all in the room, Lois Lerner director of the division of the IRS responsible for the IRS chilling auditing of solely conservative organizations - PLEADED THE FIFTH AMENDMENT and it was not even mentioned on the nightly news of these three networks.

The fix is in. and these idiots will try to cover up several of the most hideous abuses of power by any presidential administration ever - believing that people won't notice. Insane. I must do my small part to stem this insidious tide of authoritarian muffling of media. Unbelievable.

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