Sunday, September 27, 2009

"All the news that's fit to print."

Michelle Malkin, one of the blogospheres most brilliant and tireless minds recounts how the NYT own ombudsman describes their ineptitude and political partisanship regarding overlooking the stories about Van Jones and the ACORN video series. It is the absolute essence of what we've been saying around here about jourtegrity lost.

You have to read the ombudsman's comments. He should definitely stay away from the cafeteria food for awhile

Here's the hidden video we all want to see: first day on the job for a new journalist at the NYT when they have it explained to them what journalism "our way" is all about.

Note: I've been on charette with the documentary film that we're trying to complete the last couple of weeks. JL will be back full force soon.

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Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right about the NYT ombudsman -- excuse me, "public editor" (they have to speak in euphemisms even in giving themselves exalted titles; all the better to mislead their readers). He is practiced in one art only: rationalization. He has to rationalize the same conclusion for every supposed "investigation" of bias -- that the NYT has NO bias. No, of course not. Silly us for even thinking such a thing. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR DOCUMENTARY, JL. ALL OF US ANONYMOUS READERS EAGERLY LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR GIVING US MORE SCOOPS AND YUKS. MANY THANKS.