Monday, October 5, 2009

The Appeasement President Kicks Tibet to the Curb

Obama has appeased Russia (Georgia), Iran (nukes), Palestine (Jewish settlements) and North Korea (what missiles?) while apologizing to anyone and everyone for everything that American presidents did before he arrived. The "reset" button has been set as the Obama administration loves to say. Everything will be all better now....pat pat.

And here's your reset Dalai Llama. Remember how for the past 18 years you could be sure of getting a meeting with the President of the USA when you came to America each year to plead for proper treatment of Tibetans who were bounced from their country by the Chinese 56 years ago? It was largely symbolic but it meant that the US had your back. Buzzzzzz, RESET.

No meeting with Obama until AFTER he meets with CHINA first! Guess what that message will be.....

Mainland China, our benefactor for the Stimulus Package, TARP money and the future trillions in Cap and Trade and ObamaCare are holding the car keys and saying.."you're staying in tonight kid".

Our President is saluting and saying " Yes, sir - whatever you say, sir."

And a chill wind blows on the island of Taiwan tonight.

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