Monday, November 30, 2009

A telling visit to a college town

I spent the Thanksgiving holiday with relatives who work and study at a large Midwestern Research University. I loved it, as I was able to spend time with my favorite people.

Friday morning I opened the daily newspaper and within the first section there were two large stories about Global Warming.

One was headlined "Obama's Climate Change Proposals Unlikely to Affect Daily Lives" . It was a story about how Obama's upcoming visit and promises to the Copenhagen Climate Council would hardly cause a blip in our daily activities but would surely advance the cause against global warming.

The second headline 3 pages later was " Attack against Global Warming will Save Lives ". I swallowed hard and read the story about how keeping the planet at its current temperature would save millions of lives. Both of these stories were in the front section, both mentioned not one word about ClimateGate which was then 9 days old.

Somehow this newspaper was able to include both stories without attribution to a news service. Is that legal? So I presume they came from AP or Reuters both known for shilling the AGW party line.

After reading this I wanted to talk to my relatives about the insanity of this but reserved judgement as I had already been warned(by the scientist relative no less!)that "Oh that email story has already been proven to be overblown." (this is the same relative who once gave me a copy of Rahm Emmanuel's book "The Plan" as a gift.)

I was in deep depression about the lack of journalism in this college town newspaper and the lack of open thought at the ivory tower that my relative worked in.

Brainwashing is not nearly a strong enough word.

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