Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Al Gore, What a Piece of Work.

Al in his own words tells a young woman that women need to be empowered to save the planet.  How? They need to realize that too many babies ruins the planet. They need to get their contraceptive act together.  Al, who has already proven how sensitive he is to womens' issues thinks men don't have any responsibility in this too many babies thing.

Al goes on in his next clip telling us all about the terrible droughts in Arizona, Texas and Russia and about the terrible floods along the Mississippi and in Australia.  The great thing about Global Warming activists like Al is that droughts AND floods are to be blamed by CO2 and that lots of snow and no snow are the fault of CO2 and that a month with lots of tornadoes followed by a month with nearly no tornadoes....well you get the idea. But most importantly of course, this all makes Al very, very rich.

My daughter is a mega-feminist (and I'm pretty pro most of the feminist agenda myself).  She's also a global warminista and thinks Al Gore is a peoples' champion, but with this tripe above and the "sex-crazed poodle" stuff, when do you step back a bit and call an idiot an idiot?

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