Monday, June 13, 2011

Next Investigative Task? Help WaPo, NY Times, HuffPo and the Guardian - Parse the Book of Mormon

Given that the scouring of the 24,000 pages of Sarah Palin's emails by the above named pillars of journalism has resulted in no scathing corruption, embarrassment or indictiment of the Palin family, it is time for said muckrakers to turn their attention to Mitt Romney as he has been annointed the early front runner for the Republican presidential nomination.

Please help the leftist media devour some more light reading.  The price is too high, the potential damage is too great - get your Kindles, Nooks and Ipads out and find out what devilish dogma Romney has been living by his whole life. Read every page of the Book of Mormon and get back to us. It is your duty as a US citizen to enlighten the masses with every bit of horrific right wing propaganda that you can!

And oil up those torches and sharpen up those pitchforks because if we don't take down any Republican challenge to Obama things could really get bad around here!

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