Sunday, October 30, 2011

BEST Blows Up

So last week the BEST program of climate research (Berkeley) announced it's results to an anxious pro global warming media.  And surprise surprise this non-peer reviewed study showed consistent warming.
The Economist and all other mainstream media outlets were relieved to announce this information. Humans, they concluded, are clearly heating up the planet with the CO2 gases that are released into the air (breathing and coal plants).  Most skeptics of anthropogenic global warming cried foul.  No peer review?  Only land based data? Note: ocean data, has never indicated warming in any studies. None of this counter commentary made it into the frightening articles that were being written.

But uh-oh the co-author of the study has rocked the boat and in fact may have swamped the tub.  The skeptics main complaint is that the last 11 years have shown a flat global temperature completely proving wrong the claim that increased CO2 is warming the planet.
Judith Curry is embarrassed to be associated with this study since it clearly had planned all along to mislead and ignore important information.

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