Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Okay Political "Fact Checkers" Time to Check the Obama SOTU Speech

The political fact checker has become the new phony name for agenda driven parsing of Republican commentary.  The fact checkers have worked overtime with their "pants on fire", "4 pinnochios" cleverness.  Each of the leading Republicans have been ridiculed for lies, fabrications and stretching the truth. No democrats have been under such scrutiny. It's open season on Repubs and the Democratic National Committee is laughing up its collective sleeves.

Well the Prez is giving his SOTU speech right now and is spewing economic data that purports that we are basically living in an economic Nirvana.  The numbers he's offering up are simply not true.

The political fact checkers, if they are indeed fair fact checkers, will have mountains of information for us tomorrow correcting President Obama.

I shall not hold my breath waiting.


Surprise, surprise the New York Times fact checking site finds the speech to be pretty darn accurate.  Take a look at ANY sentence that actually references comparative numbers "most domestic oil production in 16 years" and on and on and you'll see that they simply don't investigate one single quantitative claim.

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