Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sorry Al, the Real Inconvenient Truths are Piling Up

The global warming/climate change (what are we calling it this month?) folks have to be feeling a little embarrassed.  This 85 billion dollar industry (it can be called nothing else) has thoroughly infused itself into a public awareness in a way that only old wives' tales and urban legends have.  With smoke and mirrors. Yet the truth is that we are entering a very natural, cyclical and historically supported period that will be known as the 21st century ice age.

More polar bears, less hurricanes and tornadoes - not more; more antarctic ice and a 15 year period occurring right now when temperatures have not risen, are but a few of the very obvious bits of fact that are pulling the curtain back on a disgusting, expensive propagandic trick.

The second recent batch of Climategate emails proves the scam, hiding behind the proclamation that "it's settled science!", pseudo scientists are giving real scientists a bad name.

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