Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Obama Media Lieutenant David Gregory Reports for Duty

David Gregory, host of Meet the Press for NBC, couldn't  hold Tim Russert's jockstrap.  Gregory spends each Sunday morning asking the awkward questions of anybody - candidate or pundit, who would stand in the way of an Obama re-election. Champion of the straw man argument, here's what Gregory decided was a worthy question of Rick Santorum  on a major network television show.
Gregory asked Santorum whether, if elected president, he would only permit single women without children to work in his administration.  That's right: Gregory was actually wondering whether Santorum would prohibit mothers from serving.  Santorum didn't rise to Gregory's absurd bait, giving a smiling and good-natured response to the effect all women would be welcome in a Santorum administration.

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What a twit.  David Gregory, poster boy for the Main Stream Media's approach to the next 8 months.

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