Thursday, February 2, 2012

CBS News Does the DNC's Bidding for 12 Minutes

The CBS Evening news with Scott Pelley last night was absolutely laughable in its ham-handed bias towards Romney.  First 12 minutes were spent enlightening the audience on Romney's supposed gaffe about his lack of concern for "the very poor".  Out of context the quote is a tough one for Mitt and we were treated by CBS with an out of context version first (with a poorly truncated edit). On and on the story went with comments from Gingrich, various Dems and chastisement from the reporter in the field.  We also got a little collage of Romney's other "insensitive" comments all rolled into one.  The next "story" was about how Romney and his SuperPacs are collecting millions to buy the election....After 12 minutes of this we get a :40 story about how Obama was out trying to fix the mortgage crisis with a new "plan".

At 6:30PM each weeknight the big three roll out their 30 minute evening news programs on the East Coast.  I have this vision of Obama, Axelrod and the adoring Obamanites all clinking Scotch filled tumblers as they laugh and smile at each other while the networks try to outdo each other in their bastardizing of broadcast journalism for the sake of BHO.

Jake Tapper of ABC news was right when he said "the media tilted the scales toward Obama in 2008".  This time around they're already sitting on the scales and the public is getting ripped off far worse.

It's 2 against 1. The Democrats and the Media against the Republicans.

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