Monday, February 2, 2009

The Teflon Administration. Get used to it.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's husband solicits 100s of millions of dollars from foreign powers that we must interact with on important international affairs. A conflict of interest of epic proportions? Outrage from the media ? Nope

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner cheats on his taxes to the tune of $43,000 while attempting some very spurious deductions. Outrage from the media? Nope

Obama cabinet appointee Tom Daschle (who lost his re-election bid to the Senate in South Dakota under a cloud of corruption pushing through a 15 billion dollar airline bailout bill benefitting his wifes' company) is found to have dodged over $100,000 in taxes. Outrage from the media? Nope

It's all a big game of look the other way - The One can do no wrong.

I'm having trouble keeping my breakfast down lately.


Anonymous said...

NOPE WE CAN'T do any wrong -- the new unofficial motto of the BO administration.

Jack said...

Even Matt Taibi of Rolling Stone an avowed Bush hater thinks Daschle mighr be the slimiest guy in DC. Wow.

I have a feeling BHO has got to can this guy.

Liz said...

A green drink will help keep that breakfast down!

Jack said...

Yum. Turns out I was right about Daschle.