Tuesday, February 3, 2009

That Blackberry must be coming in handy

Like Diogenes walking the streets of Athens, lantern in hand, in search of an honest man, Obama must be wearing out those thumbs looking for someone in DC who isn't a tax cheat. Performance czar Kellifer resigns today (tax cheat) along with Tom Daschle(tax cheat). Richardson already resigned with corruption charges and Tim Geithner(tax cheat) was apparently just too big to fail.

Remember how all the comedians could only find nasty stuff to say about Palin and McCain because Obama is too clean to joke about? Say what?


Liz said...

He's still too clean to joke about. Kellifer, Daschle, Richardson and Geithner aren't Obama ;)

Jack said...

I know your type


cut and paste your way to a laugh

Anonymous said...

The majority of people want BO to succeed for many different reasons, but there comes a tipping point when misjudgments and/or scandals cost a president his credibility. Is that tipping point coming with these bad appointments?