Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MSNBC Wants You to Think There are No People of Color in the Republican Party

MSNBC the network that espouses liberal and DNC talking points 24/7 is the whitest of the networks. All PrimeTime on air personalities morning (Morning Joe) and evening (Shultz, Matthews, Maddow, Mitchell and the other white guy Larry something or other) are white.  The exception is Al Sharpton whose combined talents of political pundit for the left and on air host seem awkwardly intertwined.

So to continue the meme that "that hey it's the Republicans that are racist" MSNBC chose to not show the minority speakers on the first night of the Repub convention.  They cut away from, and chose not even to talk about; a dynamic black woman Mia Love who excoriated the actions of Obama and brought the house down, Ted Cruz - charismatic Senate candidate from Texas, and Artur Davis, a black former Democrat who seconded Obama's nomination in 2008 but gave a rousing speech that appealed to former Obama voters.  You can bet MSNBC literally ran around shouting "make sure he doesn't get on".  It's embarrassing for MSNBC to have to do this to continue to try and fool their 38 viewers into thinking that the Republican party is racist.  Those three speeches rivaled the Ann Romney and Chris Christie speeches that came later in their enervating messages.

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