Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Soledad Show Preps ON AIR with UltraLib Website Notes

Anyone that thinks that CNN is somehow in the tank for President Obama should be ashamed of themsel......what?  Soledad got caught doing what?  Soledad O' Brien of CNN who likes to fist pump in studio guests when they say the right things (though she calls it the Obama bump) is so NOT a journalist  that it is uproariously funny. Please check out this story from Newsbusters.

Soledad O'Brien uses Talking Points Memo for her source for quotes....

They aren't even trying to hide it anymore.During her interview with Virginia House of Delegates Republican member Barbara Comstock, O’Brien became visibly flustered and was actually caught doing finger stress exercises as she attempt [sic] to insert editorial commentary while her guest, a former skilled Republican operative, defended the House GOP budget, designed by Budget Chairman Paul Ryan.

Accidentally, a cameraman captured O’Brien furiously flipping through notes, only to cut out seconds later.
Once blown up, the picture told quite a story:
What she's reading from is a TPM article titled "The Myth Of Paul Ryan The Bipartisan Leader" published Monday at 6:08 PM only a few hours before this program started.

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2012/08/13/soledad-obrien-caught-reading-liberal-blog-during-heated-debate-romne#ixzz23XJrGEi1

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