Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Clown Parade Marches On

Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi are angry. Barack Obama is "outraged". Chris Dodd is a liar - twice. Everyone knew about the bonuses as early as March 3rd. Outrage arrived March 17th. No one read the bill that clearly states bonuses are allowed. And according to Chris Dodd, Obama admin people made him write in the clause that allowed it!

So, caught red handed the suddenly outraged Democrat leaders want blood. And damn it they'll ignore the constitution to get it. By taxing a unique class of people they are breaking at least two United States Constitutional laws. And they know it. It will not pass.

But the outrage PR they get out of threatening it will keep a few more votes back home in the district from sliding into the Republican column next time. God, how some politicians are the slimiest of people.

This whole new one party "Good Ship Lollipop" with Admiral Hopey at the helm is taking on water fast. Can you bailout a presidential administration?


Anonymous said...

I read that Tom and Giselle Brady are going to have another wedding, inviting more people. The only thing I know for sure is that you will not be invited. Do you think you're being discriminated against because you're not MSM?

Jack said...

Tom and Giselle need to get out of the salad line and trow down a few burgers before I'd consider going to their wedding.

Tom's not going to make it through the first set of downs without getting hurt next year unless he works on that "girly man" body he has starved himself into.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you prefer Drew Bledsoe's body?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of bodies, I see that Gisele Bundchen made the cover of Vanity Fair. It's about time they gave her some exposure.