Friday, March 6, 2009

Reads Well - A+

The teleprompter issue with Obama is quite embarassing apparently. He simply can't get his thoughts out extemporaneously. From

“It’s just something presidents haven’t done,” said Martha Joynt Kumar, a presidential historian who has held court in the White House since December 1975. “It’s jarring to the eye. In a way, it stands in the middle between the audience and the president because his eye is on the teleprompter.”

Just how much of a crutch the teleprompter has become for Obama was on sharp display during his latest commerce secretary announcement. The president spoke from a teleprompter in the ornate Indian Treaty Room for a few minutes. Then Gov. Gary Locke stepped to the podium and pulled out a piece of paper for reference.

The president’s teleprompter also elicited some uncomfortable laughter after he announced Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius as his choice for Health and Human Services secretary. “Kathy,” Obama said, turning the podium over to Sebelius, who waited at the microphone for an awkward few seconds while the teleprompters were lowered to the floor and the television cameras rolled.

President Bush we know wasn't so good with the teleprompters. But he was an honest man who had no problem getting his heartfelt points across without a teleprompter.

I hear they're developing battery powered teleprompters so they can be put up quickly at disaster sites.


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