Friday, March 13, 2009

You go, Jules

So the UN Secretary General says the US is a "deadbeat nation" . This is the same UN that supported 17 resolutions against Saddam's weapons of mass destruction and pulled an ostrich when it came time to provide support against the tyrant.

Jules Crittenden is tired (and has been tired) of the UN and it's worthlessness.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon calls the UN’s largest donor nation a “deadbeat.” 192 member nations, and one nation … ours … pays just under one-quarter of the $5.5 billion tab. Just not fast enough.

I spent the last 10 minutes or so trying to come up with something clever to say about that, but I’ve got nothing.

White House Press Secretary Gibbs calls the choice of words “unfortunate.” Moon, apparently aware that this was a stupid thing to say, issues a statement saying the U.S. “generously supports the work of the U.N., both in assessed and voluntary contributions” and he has “an excellent working relationship with the United States and appreciates the many ways that it supports the United Nations.”

It’s unfortunate all right. OK, I’ve got something. Let’s make it unfortunate for Moon. Maybe he’ll better appreciate the many ways our tax dollars and future debt support his America-bashing, dictator-supporting, faux science-touting, child rape-enabling organization after he has to lay off a few do-nothing employees. Or a lot.

Crittenden is a columnist for the Boston Herald and a very, very clever blogger.

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