Wednesday, May 18, 2011

George Soros has Control of Your Brain

While a critic of biased journalism, I freely admit that Fox News is biased in a rightward fashion.  But facts are stubborn things.  The Fox website is in the middle of a 3 part expose of George Soros mega-billionaire- socialist and his financial iron grip on American media. For instance, Soros is the largest single funder of Columbia School of Journalism.

Soros funds more than just the most famous journalism school in the nation. There are journalism industry associations like:
• The National Federation of Community Broadcasters;
• The National Association of Hispanic Journalists;
• And the Committee to Protect Journalists.
Readers unhappy with Soros’ media influence might be tempted to voice concerns to the Organization of News Ombudsmen – a professional group devoted to “monitoring accuracy, fairness and balance.” Perhaps they might consider a direct complaint to one such as NPR’s Alicia Shepard or PBS’s Michael Getler, both directors of the organization. Unfortunately, that group is also funded by Soros. At the bottom of the Organization of News Ombudsmen’s website front page is the line: “Supported by the Open Society Institute,” a Soros foundation. It is the only organization so listed.

It's as if we're all unwitting protagonists in the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  Everywhere you turn to report extreme journalism bias is run by people with extreme journalism bias.  The movie Serpico also comes to mind.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wake-up call. No wonder the elite media have been downplaying so many stories that embarrass the Left; they are paid to look the other way. And today's story about the Boston Herald being kept out of Obama's Boston fundraiser is another example of the lib media's hypocrisy. They'd be screaming bloody murder if the Bush White House kept the Globe out of a Boston fundraiser. Keep up the good work!

Jack said...

The maddening part of this is when you describe the immense bias to liberal friends, relatives, whomever - they just don't get it. I'm convinced it's simple stubborness or the embarrassment of having chosen wrongly.