Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Newt Bounces Back

Gingrich looked punch drunk after the Tea Party roughed him up when he criticized Paul Ryan's deficit reduction package.  His poll numbers were at 6% and pundits were counting him out as recently as the past weekend.  But...Newt saw the error of his ways, and came out with a resounding Tea Party flavored plan that pulls no fiscal punches.  It includes; eliminating the estate tax, eliminating the capital gains tax, and lowering the corporate tax to 12.5% among other conservative fiscal machinations.  This plan is real, and there will be no going back.  He spoke on CNBC.

I think this plan by Newt will reinvigorate his campaign and sends a message to the Tea Party ("I'm your guy") and to the other candidates ("State your plans clearly or risk looking indecisive.").

Newt has shaken things up.

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Anonymous said...

The media, and comedians, are having a lot of fun mocking Newt for buying expensive jewelry for his wife. Too bad they aren't as interested in reporting about a debt crisis that threatens the entire country.