Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Iron Political Fist of Barack Obama

He's a hard nosed politician borne of Chicagoland politics where you "punish your enemies" and "reward those that stand beside you" - Obama's own words.   Why would it surprise us that he wants to know exactly where potential federal contractors spend their political dollars?  What better way to separate your friends from your enemies? Senator Mitch McConnell thinks Obama's latest threatened executive order is heinous.

“Now, under the guise of ‘transparency,’ the Obama administration reportedly wants to know the political leanings of any company or small business, including those of their officers and directors, before the government decides if they’ll award them federal contracts.”

Stalin would be proud.  Thomas Jefferson not so much.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Obama has delivered on his promise of transparency in one respect: People increasingly see right through him. They realize that he's just as much of a self-serving pol as those he condemned while running. "Hope and change"? We certainly hope for change now. If we don't elect a new Prez in 2012, the next four years will seem like forty years in the wilderness.