Thursday, May 26, 2011

JL's weekly - Imagine if Bush had Said/Done This Moment

Obama so badly screwed up a scheduled toast to the Queen in his trip to England that everyone present shuddered with embarassment. Apparently Obama was so proud that he memorized the last 3 words of his index card notes that he placed them down, triggering the orchestra. The toast was finished with the orchestra playing loudly, Obama put down his drink and no one actually drank the toast.

This kind of moment if generated by the previous president would lead all the network news shows and be fodder for MSNBC, the Daily Show and all the other left leaning media (that is to say 95% of the media) for weeks.

Obama does not take kindly to criticism as we've discovered. I'm beginning to think the Obama ineptitude coverup is beyond just liberal bias, I think it extends to self preservation. Check out what happens when you criticize the King.

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