Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bush's No Child Left Behind a Big Success

This startling report came out this week and bears out that the No Child Left Behind act, a big part of President Bush's domestic legacy, is a tremendous success. Had you listened only to democrat presidential candidates and our DNC talking points main stream media you would have been convinced that the NCLB act was a demonic bill foisted upon us by "the worst president ever"


The 50-state analysis found that test scores for both "advanced" and "basic" students rose in nearly three-quarters of assessments studied across states and grade levels, a level of progress only slightly lower than that of students reaching proficiency.

I missed this story in the main stream media this week. However, had the data been the opposite you can bet it would have been trumpeted everywhere.


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Anonymous said...

But isn't part of the complaint about the No Child Left Behind law the idea that teachers are now teaching for the particular test, rather than teaching more broadly? For example, wouldn't it be wise to also teach some of the civics lessons you cover on this site... and economics...and so on? But those things are not tested. Which is partly why we have so many ignorant citizens oblivious to what is going down. Am I wrong?