Thursday, June 18, 2009

NBC is happy to make up facts to protect Obama

On the NBC evening news tonight an opportunity arose to jab former President George Bush. The ever-smarmy Brian Williams stated: "Former President Bush attacked the Obama administration for the first time today. He claimed the "economy will rebound through the private sector". (nasty stuff) However, Bush's critics were quick to remind Bush that he signed the 787 Billion dollar financial bailout bill into law."

Sorry Brian, the 787 Billion dollar stimulus bill was signed into law by it's creator Barack Obama on Feb 13th, 34 days after President Bush left office. The financial bailout was $350 billion, the second $350 billion was requested by President elect Obama and signed as a favor to an incoming president in January. Count 'em both if you like, but it still is $87 billion short of your massive "gotcha" report.

No retraction of this egregious error of fact by the end of the program. It will probably never be corrected. Who cares? The state run media says what it wants and we are supposed to believe it!

Accuracy is so unnecessary when it's the job of the media to crush George Bush and bolster Teh One.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of the so-called Stimulus Bill...since most of it is still unspent, I can't help but fantasize a "what if?" What if Congress decided that the economy was recovering enough without saddling us with crippling debt and rescinded much of the unspent stimulus appropriations. I wonder how the markets and citizenry would respond? It's not going to happen, I know, and it's pointless speculation, I guess, but whaddyathink?