Thursday, June 18, 2009

Every Day a Laugh Riot

Perhaps you're a little concerned that ABC News will be broadcasting a Pro-Obama healthcare PrimeTime special next week shilling the President's highly flawed healthcare plan...from the White House.

Perhaps you're a little concerned that NBC news special assignment reporter Tom Brokaw interviewed Obama on June 5th and was appointed yesterday to an official Government position.

Perhaps you're a little concerned that the main stream media (including the two networks listed above) are not interested in the violation of law by President Obama reccently when he fired an Inspector General with no just cause and without 30 day notice.

Perhaps you're concerned that sweeping nanny government changes have been introduced and in some cases enacted by Obama that will create an inflationary response unseen in our history, without media or public scrutiny.

The perhapses could go on forever as the 3 chimp media - see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil of Obama have totally caved and gone from watchdog to lapdog.

The media is more concerned with Obama swatting a fly, Michelle harvesting a head of lettuce and if the President likes mustard on his burgers than the immensely important issues of the day both domestic and foreign.

If this lack of seriousness and inquisitiveness in the 4th estate concerns you the following will only make your blood boil more.

The daily press briefing from the White House with Robert Gibbs at the helm is the closest thing we have to a daily governmental frat party. Everything is inside jokes and frat boy ridicule. Not a single fact or insight comes from Gibbs and the lapdogs are all in on the joke

Q I understand that the President doesn’t want to look like he's meddling in the Iranian elections, but at what point does the President's position that he is willing to speak with the Ahmadinejad government bolster the Ahmadinejad regime?
And is there a time when he would suspend that offer as the election results go through a contestation?
Q Is that a word?
MR. GIBBS: I'm almost sure
that it's not. (Laughter.) But leaving that aside for one moment --
Q It's a print guy that made up -- (laughter.)
MR. GIBBS: I don't know, let me say,
if that's -- I'm going to do my crossword puzzle tonight; I don't know if that's
-- look, I would say this, Jonathan. The concerns that we have about Iran are no different than we had last Thursday or last Friday. Our primary concerns are obviously the state sponsorship and the spread of terror, and their efforts to secure a nuclear weapon. Those interests -- our interests are no different today than they were before the election. The President remains committed to strong action and principled diplomacy to address our national interests; that our interest haven't changed regardless of ultimately who the Iranians pick.

No facts, no answers, just fun.

The White House Boy's Club.

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Anonymous said...

I like the "3 chimp media" concept. Maybe you should have an illustrator do a political cartoon to that effect -- with the 3 network news anchors as the chimps. Perhaps it would go viral.