Monday, June 15, 2009

Whither Obama?

Friday was the last time we heard from Obama regarding the Iranian elections. He praised the "vigorous debate" of ideas before the election. Except that state-run Iranian television and state-sponsored newspapers never provided a forum for debate. Only a forum for Ahmadinejad.

Now we are aware that the election was stolen by the incumbent and his gestapo forces. Hundreds of thousands of voters were cheated and are being beaten and killed in the streets of Tehran because they believed in a democratic vote. It is a gross injustice.

And now Ahmadinejad talks of "purifying" the country. He has jammed BBC broadcasts and shut down Al Aribaya television. Fascism is on the march and there will be blood.

The President of the most powerful democratic country on earth should be outraged and should be saying so. Loudly and forcefully.

Instead Obama remains silent. Right now his silence represents support. For tyranny.

President Obama said last night, AFTER the mullahs agreed to recount some votes, that he is "deeply troubled" by the violence. He did not mention who was to blame the government or the protesters. Weak, yet perfectly in accordance with Obama's Apology and Appeasement '09 tour of the MidEast last month.

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