Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Letterman a chauvinist? Move on, nothing to see here.

Double standards abound in feminists' circles. If you can be somehow classified as a liberal or at least a Democrat, anything goes. Clinton was beloved by feminists even after it was proven that the guy is clearly a misogynist borne out by his abuse of women. A peep from feminists? Nope. Barack Obama routinely refers to female reporters as "sweetie" and "darlin'". Crickets.

And David Letterman whom I used to like until a few years ago when it became apparent that all his humor is politically one-sided, pointed out Monday night Sarah Palin's "slutty flight attendant look" and predicted a Yankee baseball player would enter the stands to rape Palin's 14 year old daughter. Feminists? Anything? Feminists?

The credibility of the movement suffers when you can only be a chauvinist if your beliefs run counter to democrat talking points. Hypocrisy - the mother's milk of liberalism.

It's everywhere.


Dish This! said...

I've always thought David Letterman was kind of creepy towards women. I don't watch him because of it- it became too much, all the ogling and awkward comments. Thank God Conan is around now so Leno isn't the only other option! =)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Conan is very good. And have you seen Stephen Colbert's USO tour in Baghdad this week? Very funny...and it's enjoyable seeing the troops having a great time.

Jack said...

Letterman is creepy. It's amazing how we create these icons and then accept that just about anything they say has merit. The audience laughed at the "knocked up" comment though had they had time to think of it the response might have been somewhat less.

I like Conan. Mostly the moving mouth bit and Triumph. I haven't seen either in his new slot though I haven't watched any full programs yet.

Jack said...


Colbert's schtick is so unique. Masquerading as a conservative yet portraying the character as a useful idiot.

What do you think the percentage of people who watch don't get this?
I'm thinking 10%.