Friday, March 5, 2010

1.2 Million New Federal Workers to Deflate Unemployment Rate

Just in time to rescue the Obama administration's inflated stimulus jobs claims, 1.2 million census workers are putting on their federal overalls and will be marching up to your doorstep to count you. It's a tough task, counting, and has become tougher obviously, because in 2010 we'll use twice as many people to do the job as we did in 2000.

That oughta bring that unemployment rate down (at least during this election year anyway).

Eventually the counting will get done and then these folks will need to get real jobs. Prize to anyone who can think up 1.2 million new, equally non-productive federal jobs so that the unemployment numbers can get a boost during the Prez' campaign for re-election that will start next year.

I'm thinking shovellers. Since Global Warming causes snowstorms (who knew?)we'll need people to shovel out the federal buildings.


Anonymous said...

Yep, government workers are stimulated by the stimulus...while taxpayers are depressed by it.

Jack said...

Overall unemployment rate down 9.7% - federal unemployment rate UP 8%.

And that's BEFORE the census workers come on board.