Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NY Times says "No Global Warming in US Since 1895"!

Alright, so the article was written in 1989. But doesn't that refute the current premise? Uh, er, no.

See what Hansen (current Global Warmist poobah) had to say to negate this. It's unbelievably hilarious.

Another possibility, he said, was that there were special conditions in the United States that would tend to offset a warming trend. For example, industrial activity produces dust and other solid particles that help form liquid droplets in the atmosphere. These droplets reflect radiation away from Earth and thus have a cooling influence.

Notice that Dr. James Hansen is saying that industrial activity drives down the temperature of the Earth.

So doesn’t that mean we need more rather than less industrial activity?

Tell me this isn't all about the billions in research money available only for "believers"


Hat tip to sweetness-light.com

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Anonymous said...

Yes, follow the money! Is there a scientific axiom about how scientific findings tend to reflect scientific funding?