Friday, March 12, 2010

It's the Economy, Stupak!


The Pro-Life Stupak 12 Democrats who have professed to vote no on ObamaCare will suddenly collapse when a back-door "guarantee" will be given to the Bartster by big Nan and the O-Man removing the potential for federally funded abortion. This will be a trick of course, as the bill can then be passed with no amending whatsover in either the "reconciliation" or "Slaughter" style of ram-through.

'Ol Bart will be left holding the bag, but the massive porkulus that will no doubt be included in the promise will soothe the pain.

Truth is, if Rep. Stupak is really concerned about the unborn, he'd realize the damage to this economy by this bill will ruin more lives in the long run than the amendment he holds so dear.

It's a far more compelling reason to stick to the no vote threat.


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