Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Don't Remember Al Gore Mentioning This


From National Geographic (one just can't tell where the next AGW skeptics will come from!):

"Desertification, drought, and despair—that's what global warming has in store for much of Africa. Or so we hear.

Emerging evidence is painting a very different scenario, one in which rising temperatures could benefit millions of Africans in the driest parts of the continent.

Scientists are now seeing signals that the Sahara desert and surrounding regions are greening due to increasing rainfall.

If sustained, these rains could revitalize drought-ravaged regions, reclaiming them for farming communities.

This desert-shrinking trend is supported by climate models, which predict a return to conditions that turned the Sahara into a lush savanna some 12,000 years ago."

Makes a lot of sense really. The last natural Ice Age ended about 12,000 years ago and we have been warming since (with natural peak/valley cycles in between).

You'd think more car companies would be bragging about how their CO2 spewing vehicles have been around for 12 millenium.

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