Sunday, March 14, 2010

High School Kids Aren't Really Paying Much Attention

That's why Obama had his pro-ObamaCare rallies in high school gyms this week. When you tell school kids you're "fired up" about health care reform they're going to cheer because they got out of English class to be there. In fact, the one rally at a college was closed to the press - ya never know what those dern college kids might do - we might find a dissenter or two in there.

But adults, the ones paying attention, know that when the baby carriage is careening down the hill towards the expressway it's not the time to say "I need to go home and clean those gutters, right now."

Despite the adoring media covering Obama's tracks at every turn, discerning adults are getting the message. They know that the Obama administration has proven to be inept and promises about healthcare costs falling and care rising, are either pipe dreams or lies.

Exhibit #1

Cash for Clunkers

The Obama administration set aside 1 billion dollars for Cash for Clunkers, an environmental bill that would also stimulate the economy - hopefully for the two car companies Obama now owns; GM and Chrysler.

The 1 billion was to last for 5 months it would not only stimulate the economy, but create jobs. Unfortunately, bad planning made a mockery of the program. The assigned money ran out in 10 days.
Two more billion dollars were added and the program still didn't make it to 5 months.

The results were that we took hundreds of thousands of still operating vehicles off the road, purposely seizing up the engines so they could never run again, (that poorer familiers would have loved to have a chance at buying for small money) and replaced them with cars that in some cases were actually less efficient. Four of the top car companies benefiting were foreign owned and the one that was an American car company,Ford is owned by filthy capitalists.

Dealerships and private repair shops had to lay off auto mechanics all over the country because there were thousands of fewer cars to repair. Yes, car sales spiked but it was merely drawing buyers in early. Sales fell for four months in a row afterward.

So, we have an Obama designed program, designed to socialize an industry, just like ObamaCare, that had its budget tripled and the results were nothing like we were told they would be.

Based on this utter failure we're supposed to believe the budget projections for ObamaCare? Tripled budget anyone?

Reason #2

The Stimulus Plan

An 862 Billion dollar aid bill signed within 10 days of Inauguration. We were told this program would create or save 3 million jobs in the first year and total 5 million jobs created or saved by the 2nd year. Unemployment rates would never surpass 8% and would begin dropping by June of last year. If we didn't pass the Stimulus bill the rate would surely go to 9.2%!

With the Stimulus bill the unemployment rate peaked at 10.4% and 13 months into the bill it is at 9.7%. Estimates of jobs saved or created range from 650,000 to 1.5 million. Here's a real number; 16.8% of people who want full time employment don't have it. and the extra neat feature... general populace 9.7% unemployment - federal jobs increase 8%.

And who has time to talk about the pork and corruption rampant in this bill?

So, another Obama carefully planned program woefully inept and outrageously overhyped.

Two programs, two dismal failures. Snake oil or ineptitude?

Does it matter? Let's save the baby and clean out the leaves later.

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