Monday, December 15, 2008

Blago, Rangel, Dodd and now Richardson

Democrats. Liberals. The heroes of American politics. Not.

Oh how the dam of suppressed stories has burst forth from the Main Stream media now that the election is over and the One got sent over the top to victory.

Obama's Secretary of Commerce nominee, Bill Richardson apparently has a boatload of tainted campaign contributions from a Wall Street advising concern. There's a little investigating going on.


Anonymous said...

There were scandalous stories about Richardson when he was last in the cabinet. They didn't get much play during the campaign because he wasn't considered a formidable contender. But if he disgraces himself as Commerce Sec it'll be hard for Obama to argue that he's shocked -- or to use his favorite term from Blago-gate, "appalled."

Jack said...

Or, "he was just a guy in the neighborhood"