Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let's say this was McCain's or Palin's head speechwriter

None of the feminists I know have told me how horribly sexist this picture is and how the guys in the photo should be strung up by their twig and berries and left to die. Why is this so? Because Jon Favreau is Obama's speechwriter and Obama is god. And of course, because the MSM hasn't made anything of it. This royally pisses me off. The whole thing about feminists is that they are....sorry....hypocrites.
Bill Clinton was the world's biggest chauvinist, ruining the lives of several women and cheating on his wife and embarrassing his daughter. Not a word from feminists. John Edwards cheats on his under-cancer-care wife, lies to and about his mistress and may have a love child. Not a word from feminists. Obama, for crissakes, calls the female reporters in the reporting pool "sweetie". Mum's the word. And Sarah Palin, who has probably made more strides for women in the past three months than Caroline Kennedy (somehow fit to be a Senator!) has in her lifetime, is unfit to run for Vice President.
Well thank goodness at least one woman gets it. Former press secretary for Clinton (of all people) Dee Dee Myers is outraged enough to tell all in Vanity Fair. Read it, she's right on.

"Imagine how different the reaction would be if an important aide to John McCain had been caught in similar picture featuring Michelle Obama?"

Her statement above addresses the issue of media bias and feminist hypocrisy all rolled into one.

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