Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is Blago the Bad Guy here?

He is undoubtedly a bad guy. But is he the baddest guy? Turns out Rahm (don't get between me and my bone) Emmanuel spoke 21 times to Blago about getting the Senate seat for Valerie Jarrett (Obama's closest female confidant). I suspect Blago said "what, you're telling me who and when??" I suspect Blago got ticked and began spouting to anyone who would listen that this "f'ing Senate seat is worth more than just appreciation!!"

I think it got to be a macho thing between Emmanuel and Blago. Rahm in his new role as king of the world pushed too hard and Blago puffed out his chest. Obama probably had no direct part in this but Emmanuel got his marching orders from somewhere. I'm sure the 21 phone calls weren't Rahm asking for advice on a great steak house in ChiTown. Emmanuel will either take the fall, or get severely reprimanded by Obama and take his medicine apologizing all over the Sunday talk shows. By New Year's Eve either Rahm will be gone or he'll be severely defanged for awhile.

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Anonymous said...

Your theory that Rahm might be the bigger bad guy might turn out to be the case...but as for Blago, he didn't need to be entrapped here. Ever since he got elected he's been under federal investigation, which was widely reported and responsible for his having a far lower approval rating in the polls than G. W. Bush. Blago is corrupt and stupid. Rahm has been corrupt in a more "acceptable" (harder to prove and indict) way. They both should be exiled from politics.