Saturday, December 20, 2008

Now THAT's vetting a candidate!

Mother of Palin daughter's boyfriend arrested. Associated Press headline this morning. Tell me ONE time the parent-of- a- candidate's- daughter's-boyfriend was ever mentioned in a news story. Now that's going the extra mile. If the sister of the dog groomer of one of the Palin's neighbors Siberian Huskies has an unpaid parking ticket she'd better watch out.

Are the Democrats that fearful that Palin is going to be around with a little juice the next time we vote for President? It's going to take some doing to come up with a negative story a week to keep Palin's persona in the villain column. But given what they did to Palin this time around I won't question their talented imaginations.

We now know more about the Mother of Palin's Daughter's Boyfriend than we do about the President Elect's brother who lives in a hut and his aunt who was an illegal immigrant in Boston just weeks ago.

Seems fair to me.

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