Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jourtegrity Lost - Loser of the Week 121808

The winner is ...........dumb roll please..... Katie Couric. Our favorite female nightly news Obama lapdog asks this brilliant question (J School students cover your ears) " What do you think of the people who question the qualifications of Caroline Kennedy for Senator?"

Yup. Not what do you think of: Caroline Kennedy, her qualities, etc BUT "What do you think of the PEOPLE WHO QUESTION HER QUALIFICATIONS???"

Katie clearly thinks they should be shot. They are idiots to question giving a Senate seat to a woman who has run for nothing except maybe a Frisbee at the Kennedy compound beach in Hyannis, right Katie?

I understand her followup question was to be "When did you stop beating your wife?".

Katie Couric. Jourtegrity Lost - Loser of the Week.


Liz said...

As someone who works in the field, I can attest that in the bright of the lights and in the pressure of live television, words can sometimes get mixed.

Jack said...

That is very true no doubt, but in Katie Couric's case (think Sara Palin interview) her ideologie lies clearly in one area. IMHO.