Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Maybe the Chicago Newspapers are Getting it

And the hits just keep on coming. Chicago Sun-Times laying the smack down on the new Attorney General nominee Eric Holder. Holder, of the "Marc Rich is perfectly pardonable, Mr Clinton" apparently isn't that keen on pointing out his fiduciary relationship with Blagojevich regarding casinoes in Illinois.

It's starting to look like Change We Can Deceive In.


Anonymous said...

If this is a new Watergate, the Chicago Trib is playing the role of the Washington Post (being the first to break the stories), with the Chicago Sun-Times playing the NY Times, trying to play catch-up. But when will the NYT and W Post actually dig in and do their duty? As your blog suggests, they are negligent in serving the public... reluctant to report certain facts.

Jack said...

At least they're reporting something. The NYT and WaPo are blaring headlines to the effect.. "Obama Internal Investigation Shows No Wrongdoing."
They should copy that headline for insertion to save time - I have a feeling it might be used often to caption their in depth reporting of future crises.