Sunday, May 31, 2009

In the grand world of Obama PR remember that accuracy is so passe

The White House wants us to know how well their administration is working. They've released a pamphlet "100 Days, 100 Projects".

It outlines what a marvelous job they've already done in bringing us a New America...

Jake Tapper, the only reporter with courage enough to confront Press Secretary Gibbs on his daily spew of smarm and glossovers, decided to look at just the very first of the 100 projects.

Q All right. So to follow up, I looked at your "100 days, 100 projects" booklet yesterday and the very first one says, "Using $27 million of Recovery Act funding, a public housing development in D.C., the Regency House, has undergone a green retrofit. As part of this upgrade, the building installed solar panels, a 'green' roof, a rainwater collection system, energy-efficient lighting, as well as water-conserving toilets, showerheads and faucets."

But when I called the D.C. Housing Authority, they said only $59,000 was spent of stimulus money, not $27 million, and of the seven things mentioned, only two of the seven were actually --

MR. GIBBS: I think the mistake in that one as you blogged about earlier took a series of different projects in a cut and paste into one.

Q Okay, so it wasn't as clear -- it wasn't as accurate as it could have been?

MR. GIBBS: I think that's accurate to say, yes.

That was the very first project! How accurate are the rest? One would hope the accuracy rate would be better than 600 to 1.

With apologies to Glenn Reynolds (An Army of Davids)we need an Army of Jake Tappers to begin to restore some sense of jourtegrity.

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Anonymous said...

If word gets around the White House press corps that you have singled out Jake Tapper for this kind of praise, he will be shunned by his colleagues. Maybe you should give him a code name in future mentions so when you praise him for asking smart questions the search engines won't expose him to the journalists who cover up, rather than cover, Obama errors.