Friday, August 14, 2009

Astroturfing ObamaCare

Those "nazis" (Pelosi), "evilmongers" (Harry Reid) and all the other protestors who deign to question Teh One on his healthcare proposal do so out of conscience.

The Obama "supporters" in this photo do so with pre-fab signs and while getting paid $15 an hour. They got bussed in to Obama's New Hampshire speech and are showing up at many protest sites to intimidate the dissenters. In one case the SEIU thugs were called in to beat up a man handing out bumper stickers. By the way, this man happened to be black.

The LA Times, normally a staunch voice for liberal causes provided this photo and this story describing the astroturfing going on to race this health care bill through before anyway can interpret what it says.

Barack Obama has never gotten out of campaign mode and thinks the gullible electorate will swallow virtually anything he says about anything, providing he throws enough money at it.

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