Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hypocrisy thy name is Congressman Green from Texas

So voter fraud was rampant in the last election. At least 14 law suits were brought against ACORN for voter registration violation. Many believe that creating a law to require photo ID would help to eliminate fraud - such as double voting, voting by the dead, and the famous voting under the name Mickey Mouse et cetera.

Congressman Green of Texas thinks photo ID is not necessary it would keep people from coming to the polls. Perhaps he means undocumented immigrants who would be most likely to vote for him or other Democrats. His voting record indicates as such.
HOWEVER, when it comes time to go to a Congressman Green town hall don't try showing up without a photo ID. We need to know who y'all are!! Maybe we can send your name off to and fatten up that enemies list for the Prez.

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