Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Single payer health insurance an Obama dream

Single payer means government health care. Obama has always suggested that government run health care is his dream, even if it takes 10 years. A video surfaced today that clearly had Obama declaring such on the campaign trail.

"Keep your own doctor", "Keep your current plan" that's the mantra from Obama and minions during this race to pass a new sweeping health care bill. One simply can not have that with a government "single payer" program. Are we being lied to for the sake of blowing another huge, expensive, socialist style program by us. Yup.

The white house ran out some spokespeople today to say that the video wasn't accurate. What's not accurate? It is a videotape segment of Obama clearly speaking in his own words. Is the White House suggesting that Obama's words don't matter?

I think that's exactly what they're saying.

Wanna feel 1984ish Big Brother creepy? Check out this video where the White House tells us all we need to know. Don't listen to all those other terrible people! We know best. Hugo Chavez must be pulling these strings.

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