Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More shameful race baiting from ABC

As I watched ABC news air it's top of the hour program this morning I was astonished at the race baiting lede.

"It appears that the shooter in the murders in Pennsylvania was motivated by the results of the election."

How do they know this I thought? A blog that the killer kept outlined his plans, emotions etc for the last 8 or 10 months. Robin Roberts the ABC anchor asked the reporter on site "Well what motivated the murderer?" She clearly wanted to get at the right-wing nutjob's racial hatred quickly.

The reporter apparently didn't get the message. He went on to outline (with supporting text on the screen) the diary entries of the murderer. He was lonely. He bought guns. He couldn't find a girlfriend. He was nervous. He aborted his plan once. He didn't think he was ugly. He liked lifting weights. Where was the Obama hate? Where was it?

Finally a quote from the blog referencing the election. "I've been following the election it seems to be getting alot of attention this year."

That's your racist murderer quote? That's it?

That was it. No further quotes detailing his plans to avenge the election or whatever they wanted us to believe. They wanted this to be a race story and it clearly wasn't. It was the tragic story of a deranged loner who killed white women at a dance class. Not exactly election revenge stuff.

Shame on ABC. They owe the viewing public an apology for that misleading, race baiting story.
Racism in America? You bet. It's in the mainstream media.

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