Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Clunkers program a grand loser

Four of the top five car models purchased by the people who are turning in their cars under the "Cash for Clunkers" program are foreign cars. I predicted this in an earlier blog. No data out yet (because the Obama administration won't release it) but my supposition is that a far greater percentage of the turned in cars are American instead of foreign.

Crush American cars and replace them with foreign models and do it with American taxpayer money. What's not to like....if you're from Korea or Japan.

One bright note, the lone American company in the top five is Ford, the only American car company that did not beg for bailout money from the government. And from the interviews that is apparently the reason that people are choosing Ford.

Oh, and the environmental impact of this program is negligible if not actually negative.
Eventually someone will do an exhaustive investigation of all the ridiculously inane aspects of this law and discover how monumentally stupid it is on all levels. It will become the brunt of jokes and in fact will be used to describe any future government wait - it will actually be used to replace the term "government boondoggle".
"Government run healthcare? No thanks, that's probably just another cash for clunkers if you know what I mean."

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