Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coakley says the "terrorists aren't in Afghanistan"

Now we know why she thinks there are no terrorists in Afghanistan - she's hired them all for her campaign! This photo shows one of her thugs after a reporter from the Weekly Standard claimed he was shoved to the ground because he was asking too many probing questions about her connection to Big Healthcare donors. Here's a video of the continued harassment the reporter got as he walked down a public street.

Open and honest government - coming right up!


Anonymous said...

Very revealing! Liberal Dems in this state are so used to suppressing questions that they feel free to use brownshirt tactics on the streets of the nation's capital. Let's not forget the question the reporter asked before getting pummeled -- Why are you going to a fundraiser filled with Big Pharma lobbyists?

Jack said...

And Martha's reply...I didn't see anything. Unbelievable.