Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Re - pub - li - can. Ick.

Today's radio ad for Martha Coakley is absolute hilarity. I thought it was a parody. It wasn't.

A male and female narrator trade lines for 30 seconds saying little more than "Re-pub-li-can....Scott Brown...Re-pub-li-can". The voices drip with vitriol and disgust as if to suggest Republican = the black plague. I can see the recording studio session as the ad agency hacks directed the talent..

"Come on...more hatred, more revulsion..think sewage, think Hannibal Lechter.."

This is supposed to bring out the base. I suppose it will, but I can't help but believe it will serve to galvanize the Republicans and the Independents who are clearly paying attention to this race.

Desperate lefties are a very funny lot. I'm having trouble wiping the smile off my face.


Anonymous said...

Once again they insult the intelligence of the voters. They have total control in a one-party state, yet they think the mere mention of the name of the powerless party will scare people -- just like Big Brother propaganda warning people about the dangers of freedom.

Jack said...

The pendulum can't swing back soon enough.